The Money Pit?

This customer was temporarily living in a barn conversion we had developed. He then found a permanent property which was an old seventies style house with huge windows. It was a farmhouse and it was really big in itself however his brief was to add the double garage and conservatory. I pondered what to create for him and his wife, redid the drawings about 3 times before he decided it was big enough. I should have just asked for the extra large in the 1st place just like your brain has to work overtime when ordering a Costa coffee. Anyhow after discovering large was everything it was plain sailing after that.

The garage you could get 6 cars in and the conservatory village fête within. He was highly delighted and we that’s me and my wife were invited to his Halloween party, what a wonderful gesture I’m not sure if he was trying to scare us  but I repaid the compliment by presenting with the gift DVD of the film with Tom Hanks called The Money Pit, which he duly announced to the whole party. Nicest customer you could ever wish to meet and fortunately he got the joke.

Stephen a Quantity Surveyor in Derby  

A Quantity Surveyor in the know

I had a phone call and you know how you recognise the voice while that voice was from 40 years ago, the voice of my 1st boss when I was a trainee quantity surveying and worked in the estimating department. He sounded no different but he remembered my name from the Internet and discovered me on my businesses website.

I was invited to tender for a large job (for my business) and it turned out I was the cheapest. I satisfied all the engineers and clients due diligence requirements, created a program, and embarked on the work by this old acquaintance. The job went as smooth as silk, we met every point of the programme I had created, and we had up to 10 men on-site at any one time. Not wishing to get too detailed but the work involved the structural strengthening of a multi-storey building at Nottingham University.

The main thing I’m trying to get over is that having a good working relationship with all clients is vital and the result for my business was a job that quadrupled in size. Everyone was content from the Ove Arup structural engineers, the health and safety regime, and the project manager who made a few comments below.

Dear Stephen All of the years I’ve been carrying out the role as PM, we as a team on our site, we are really impressed with how you & your team have been conducted themselves on site with carrying out the structural concrete repairs in section 2, also how you all have set about & have tackled this project. We have already forwarded details of Resinfix, to our head office to add you on to our preferred sub – contractors list. With kind regards Geoff Thorpe Project Manager

We even ended up paying for the main contractors Christmas lunch as a goodbye thank you from my business which completed the work with perfect Christmas timing. I’m not sure that there wasn’t a bit of gentle persuasion involved? but we won’t say anything about that 😉 shall we. Stephen Quantity Surveyor Nottingham