Helping a Subcontractor in Sheffield

“To this day I still don’t think we would have any idea of what is going on in the finances if we hadn’t brought you in ………………….”.  I received a phone call from a subcontractor, as they were experiencing financial losses on many contracts, and painful amounts of cash flowing out.

Following meetings at their offices, and gaining an understanding of the business, several staff changes were made and new systems introduced. The problem had been that, as many contractors experience, that the sales order book had taken a priority over deliverability. So much so, that many orders had been underpriced, they were taken on without consideration of when they had to be delivered and whether adequate resources were available. The result was dissatisfied clients, prolific claims and contra charges and huge losses.

A major factor concerning the investors was poor and inaccurate financial reporting, to a point they had little idea of the financial state of the company. This was affecting their confidence greatly.

What we did, as a team, was to change the management, get on top of all the current jobs, contest any unreasonable claims, and concentrate on getting money in which had been withheld by clients. The financial reports are now accurate and real.

Today, they have new cost control systems in place and are completely in control of their finances, and a new smaller team in place delivering the same amount of work. Waste has been cut out, estimates are being carried out properly, the jobs are being managed well, and the finances are in control.

A business reborn, that produces a fantastic product now looking towards the future. I helped that happen with the help of an essentially great team from within their company.

Quantity Surveyor in Sheffield

A little background

Hi my name is
Stephen Hodgson. I started my career as a trainee quantity surveyor for Wimpey Construction
UK Ltd, Nottingham working on large housing developments. If you can remember
feet and inches and an office full of comptometers calculating your dimensions
then you can see how the industry and technology have changed beyond
recognition. Can you imagine working out over 300 foundations to final account
using nothing but a pencil and in feet and inches, how lucky people are today.

Of course, I now use
Sage software and every conceivable Microsoft program that’s available.
Everything is backed up in something called the cloud. Well, the new ways are
great but sometimes it comes in useful to know the basics.

The 20 years i.e.
worked with various size contractors mainly as a quantity surveyor but this
developed to detailing and ensuring the materials were correct for the job. Since
1996, I took the plunge and like every entrepreneur like to emphasise how it
was done from the back of my garage at home with just a few Bob. This is true,
I embarked into some experience I developed within the structural repair
industry particularly concrete. This progressed into injection grouting and
specifically subsidence issues.

I develop good
relations with a loss adjuster and helped them rectify damage to hundreds of
settled properties from underpinning to structural repair to rebuilding to ground
works and complete redecoration.

Employed up to 10 people and moved from the garage to and industrial unit in Nottingham. We even had up to 3 people in the office, myself, secretary, contracts manager, several vehicles, plant and equipment.

During the same period I was keen to do some building work, the industry was booming and I didn’t want to lose my experience in this area. So I advertised for local property extensions and this developed through tendering to architects and the largest project was probably a four-bedroom barn conversion. However, this work was really interesting because often the clients invited me from scratch to design the extension and I presented 3D images which at the time were relatively new. I created a quote for them and submitted the designs for planning approval and often the client issued me with an order to do the work. We always completed every single project and got paid.

Commercially in 22 years we always got paid, with the occasional exception of 1 or 2 companies folding as they do. Additionally, we always covered all our overheads and even more recently when I have reduced the size of the business to cope with risk we have still covered our overheads. Even occasionally we made a significant profit.

It’s time for a change, I’d like to offer all the skills I have learnt through working for
myself in particular, with experience of the whole business from specifying the
work, estimating, project management, quantity surveying and managing the
business and all the risks that that entails using personal finances. I have a
lot to offer in the right job for the right people.

Therefore, try
Lumsdale Quantity Surveying services with confidence, and remember we can
always offer backup should you need it. Have a great day!


Quantity Surveyor in Nottingham

A Quantity Surveyor on Holiday?

We all need a break and holiday I find nothing better than floating on the sea or a river. Peace and tranquillity and sheer enjoyment. My pride and joy is a 6 m seagoing rib boat and chugging up Carrick Rhodes, or full throttle ensuring wife and dog are all well secured. The image below is also 1 of my favourites cruising round the Norfolk Broads. Think my dog likes it too! Stephen Quantity Surveyor Chesterfield