The following are sample prices. 

Many projects can be quoted for at a fixed fee, so please make an enquiry.  


Bills of Quantities and Estimates

Bespoke Bills of Quantities and Schedules of Rates creation prices varies, but here are some examples. The fee usually relates to the number of items to describe, measure and price. So an uncomplicated job can be cheaper. I can also do speedy estimates using more generic software providing the job is not too complex and these can be done less than a day. 

  • Quantity Surveying & Estimating rates start at £37.50 per hour for frequent users
  • Managing Quantity Surveyor £50.00 per hour
  • Claims and Dispute Surveyor £75.00 per hour
  • Surveying Assistant £18.00 per hour

Producing a builders BQ with hundreds of seperate items, in Bill of Quantities format, for a complicated build is approximately 0.5% of the raw resource cost, and then a further 0.5% to price all the items. e.g. a £300k project would cost £1,500 and another £1,500 for pricing it. Included is a labour, plant and materials build up for each item and section. 

A straight forward extension starts at £300. 

Here are some examples as a guide, but please send me your drawings as it doen’t take long to provide a quote;

  • Adhoc alterations 40 items; value £25k. £300 for BQ and Estimate
  • Structural alterations and refurbishment; 70 items; value £70k. £450 for BQ and Estimate
  • 70m2 loft alterations; value £35k; 70 items;. £560 for BQ and Estimate.
  • 15m2 complicated extension and other alterations; value £70k. 120 items. £1000 for BQ and Estimate
  • 50m2 extension and refurb. £1000 for BQ and Estimate
  • 400m2 commercial conversion. £1400 for BQ and Estimate
  • 200m2 plain new build conversion. £2400 for BQ
  • 150m2 complicated new build. 300 items. £2600 for BQ and Estimate
  • 400m2 complicated new build/ conversion. 340 items. £3500 for BQ
  • 225m2 complicated rebuild/ conversion. 380 items and Prelims. £3,500 for BQ only.
  • 160m2 complicated upgrade and extension. 250 items £2000 for BQ and Estimate.
  • 30m2 office conversion full price build up £300
  • 300m2 property conversion; 650 items; BQ only £3300

Building & Property Surveying

Costs for providing a detailed survey with a written report, photographs and cost estimates; 
  • House survey are usually in the range of £375 to £900, depending on size.
  • Remote advice £75 per hour.
  • Specific survey requiring a site visit £75 per hour plus mileage.
Send in a link to your property details and I will provide a firm quote.

Rental condition reports for start at £75 (mulitple properties).

Expert Witness

Expert witness advice, disputes and independent surveys and reports £75 per hour.