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‘When you buy on price, you can never be sure. It is unwise to pay too much, but it is worse to pay too little.
When you pay too much you lose a little money — that’s all. But when you pay too little you sometimes will lose everything, because the thing you bought is incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do.
The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot. It can’t be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is as well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do this, you will have enough to buy quality.’
Ruskin. Circa: 1895

Dear Customer,

                             the above quote by the well-known social critic John Ruskin is a quote that everyone should always try to remember when making a choice based on price. I’ll keep this here as a reminder should I forget. So, what does a Quantity Surveyor do? well basically I save you money, not by buying the cheapest but by analysing the work in a construction project in detail.

If are you are looking for a Quantity Surveyor or in need of a Building Survey? my experience is extensive, over 40 years in the construction industry, over 30 years as a Chartered Surveyor, 25 years owning my own building and renovation construction company carrying out new builds, extensions, conversions and structural repairs. I have surveyed, estimated, specified and organised repairs to hundreds of properties, often for insurance companies with subsidence and other problems. I have a thorough understanding of construction, materials and the technical issues of buildings and structures. 

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Stephen Hodgson BSc MRICS

Bills of Quantities and Estimating for Builders and Property Owners

Barn conversion in Nottinghamshire

I prepare Bills of Quantities and Building Estimates for construction projects for property owners and builders. This involves describing, taking-off (measuring from drawings) the work content of the project from the drawings, and presenting the information into a priceable contract document called a Bill of Quantities.  As the client you can then take the lead in what is being priced for. The builder can then quote for the work exactly to your requirements and you can gain as many quotes as you want all on the same basis. The work items can be individually priced enabling detailed comparison of all the quotes received. After accepting the quote any variations can be checked against the Bill of Quantities to see if the quantities have increased or decreased and the rates can be used as a basis to price variations. 

Builders always need a Bill of Quantities even if they do it themselves. However, most builders would not give up that Bill to the client having spent a lot of free time producing it. A client providing a Bill is a blessing, saving much time and cost. It provides a builder with confidence of competing on an equal basis to the competition. Multiply that management time and cost by the 3 or 4 builders quoting, and the a client produced BQ makes the tendering process much cheaper. The downside of allowing the builder to provide the Bill, apart from the client not seeing it, is that very different quotes will be produced, each builder interpreting the work content differently. By the client paying and producing a Bill the builder’s pricing risk is significantly reduced and thereby the quote is going to be less, because the risk of Quantity errors and misjudged work content will not have been priced in.

Having a Bill of Quantities is vital for a builder. It allows for analysing every trade and material content infinitely, and my system can filter everything and create sub trade or supplier bills for sending out enquiries.

If required, I can then price the items in the Bill, usually the builder may want this. I build up the prices using a labour, plant, material, subcontractor, and provisional cost breakdown. The client may also wish to have in advance a predicted cost for the project. A client can then make a more informed comparison of tenders received and check for pricing errors. The estimate information produced is ideal for project management, programming, and resource listing for the project. Alterations to the Bill can easily be made enabling the full cost of the project to be predicted at any time throughout the build. Further an agreed Bill will make agreeing monthly progress payments relatively easy and accurately reflect the work completed, preventing any overpayment.

One of the main causes of clients going over budget or builders losing money is lack of proper time spent on the estimate and by not compiling a decent Bill of Quantities. Even builders who do not have the time or resources shortcut this process. Often, I see a “one line” quote from the builder presented to the client. This results in lots of financial uncertainty for the client, lots of provisional sums and inevitably a much larger final account for the work. Every job has variations to the original drawings, so it is important to know how much each work item costed originally so it can be adjusted properly. Most clients have a finite amount of money and to find themselves going over budget can be traumatic for them and the builder and have severe implications for completing the project.

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Building Surveys

Have your new property surveyed with an experienced eye. I can flag up important issues that should be a concern to a home buyer and that may affect the value. My reports are in depth, I spend time at the property and include annotated photograph’s. I will survey the property using my own at least 75 point check list. I am constantly working with plans for new build and refurbishment of old properties and therefore have a current working knowledge of how they can be upgraded and extended to modern standards. I also have a keen interest in the protection of historic buildings. 

I can carry out any type of survey from a rented property condition survey, a commercial building survey, a snag list of your new home, a building work defects survey, a repair schedule complete with specifications, a dilapidations report, a homebuyers report and a structural or building survey. I can also help with your plans for structural alterations or extensions, and as a Quantity Surveyor I can provide estimates for repairs or work that are reliable.

Within my Building Survey which is the same as a Full Structural Survey or an RICS Level 3 Survey I will carry out a visual inspection and provide a written and photographic report. A “visual” means I will not lift, move, or destructively test anything within the property. If more intrusive tests are required I will make recommendations and how to proceed. I will inspect the inside and outside of the main building, grounds, trees, and all permanent outbuildings, making notes of any defects, poorly constructed work, work not in accordance with building regulations, and structural issues, which are either major or minor. The report will focus wholly on current and potential defects. I will where possible lift drain covers and check for obvious blockages and recommend a CCTV survey if I see it is necessary. I will use various equipment such as a laser level, plumb level, thermo damp-meter, binoculars, inspection lamp, metal detectors and ladders to access flat roofs which are no higher than 3 metres from ground level. Lofts will also be accessed on the inspection if it is safe to do so, providing the hatch is accessible from a collapsible surveyor’s ladder. Whilst commenting on the condition of all walls, floors, ceilings and structures throughout the property, gas, electrical, plumbing, boilers, heating systems and drainage runs must be checked by the qualified body, e.g., a certified electrician and gas safe engineer. Risks such as from Radon, local landfill and flooding issues should be researched separately via local agencies and your solicitors as on a practical level I will only be looking at the current condition of the property. With regards to the structure of a property, I will comment on previous alterations and areas of concern which are showing signs of distress, and if I feel that there are any serious structural problems, I may refer you to another specialist. I will particularly comment on cracks, movement, and subsidence issues and whether these warrant further investigation. I will make recommendations for any potential remedial work including the likely cost of repair. If you have further question afterwards then I will be happy to respond. If you need advice on any proposed improvements, then I will look into these for you at the time of the survey.

“BEST SURVEY I HAVE EVER HAD FROM OVER 20 HOUSE PURCHASES IN MY LIFE. It was very refreshing to get a surveyor that not only is prepared to get his hands dirty, but also to cover the property in-depth, and backed up in my case (two bedroomed bungalow) with 42. Stephen was able to produce drawings for some alternative ideas I had, and to have a thoughtful email discussion over them until I was sure I knew what I wanted to do. He was on holiday when I requested my survey and took the time to answer my initial queries and set up a survey date while still away. It’s not often that I feel I have had value for money on a survey.”

The price for a detailed building survey and report on a house under 100m2 IFA, start at £300 for a new property, and £450 for an older property. I am VAT free. If you email your property details to me I will confirm a price and availability. 

Expert Witness

Disputes can arise between homeowners and builders and subcontractors. This may be due to disagreements over the cost of the work or about the contract between the parties. I do have some experience in settling disputes and arguments. 

If you have got into a dispute, or being heavily penalised by a party, or just getting dispirited, then a new face can liberate the problem providing relief from the hopeless feeling you get in these situations. You can lose sight of what the real issues are. Bringing in someone independent with detachment may find a way for a solution. I can dig into the dispute, resolve valuation or technical issues, check contract terms and hopefully resolve the problem and break the previous deadlock. 

From just providing advice to a report, a letter, an adjudication or expert witness, the matter could be resolved much quicker and cheaper than taking legal action. I cannot guarantee avoiding the use of a lawyer but the information I provide will be essential to the legal process.

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Terms and Confidentiality

I promise that no information you provide me will be shared with anyone else. If you are a contractor, I will never use your suppliers for the benefit of another contractor, and I will never let another company benefit from your business information either during or after I have ceased working for you. All information and data created for you will be passed back to you at any time you need it. All work is fully backed up to prevent loss.

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Based in Matlock, Peak District, Derbyshire. Working in Bakewell, Chesterfield, Ashbourne, Staffordshire, Sheffield Areas and Nottinghamshire. Remote working always available.

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  • Bills of Quantities
  • Estimating 
  • Programming
  • Resource listing
  • Assessing Variation Costs 
  • Valuations, Interim and Final Accounts
  • Tendering & Procurement
  • Take-off Quantities
  • Cost Forecasting
  • Cost Value Reconciliation
  • Dispute Adjudication and Expert Witness
  • Home Buyer Surveys
  • Building Surveying
  • Condition & Snagging Reports
  • Building Consultancy


  • 45 years with Builders, Subcontractors and Main Contractors 
  • Property development
  • Private homes
  • New builds 
  • Barn conversions
  • Extensions
  • Refurbishment
  • Alterations
  • Subsided Properties
  • Structural & specialist works 
  • JCT Contracts
  • SMM6 and 7, NRM2 standard Methods of Measurement


  • Access Conquest Bills of Quantity & Estimating
  • Plan Swift Take Off
  • Building Works, Price a Job estimating software, etc
  • MS Project Planning 
  • Building Cost Information Service
  • CAD 
  • Laser Level and Plumb
  • Borescope Cavity Inspection
  • Protimeter Moisture Detection
  • Metal Detection
  • RICS data and libraries

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