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    Matlock, Derbyshire

Dear Builder & Homeowner,

                          If are you are looking for a Quantity Surveyor or a Building Surveyor? I have lots of experience, with over 40 years in the construction industry, over 30 years as a Chartered Surveyor, 25 years owning my own building and renovation construction company carrying out new builds, extensions, conversions, and structural repairs. I have also surveyed, specified, and managed repairs to hundreds of defective properties, often for insurance companies and with subsidence and other problems. I keep up to-date and maintain continuing professional development for the RICS.

Stephen Hodgson BSc, MRICS


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Quantity Surveyor & Estimator

Barn conversion in Nottinghamshire

I prepare Bills of Quantities and Building Estimates for construction projects for clients/ property owners and builders/ developers. This involves describing and taking-off (measuring) from drawings the work content of the project and presenting the information into a priceable contract document called a Bill of Quantities.  I use digitised software. Clients can take the lead in what they want to be priced. Builders can quote for the work exactly to the client’s requirements. Developers and self-builders must have a Bill of Quantities for budgeting and loan applications. A Bill of Quantities comprises hundreds of work items which can be priced in detail. This enables detailed comparison when in receipt of multiple quotes. After awarding a project, variations can be compared with the Bill of Quantities. Increases or decreases in the quantities can be measured and rates can be used to price variations.

Having a Bill of Quantities is vital for any builder or developer. It allows for building up prices containing labour, materials and plant calculations. My system can analyse and filter every aspect of the job and create enquiries for sending out to suppliers.

I also price the items in the Bill, either to provide target costings for budgeting, actual tendering, or this can be done by the builder. The pricing has detailed calculations for labour, plant, material, subcontractors, PC and provisional sums. The client may need a predicted cost for the project. Clients can then make better informed comparisons of tenders and flag up pricing errors. The estimating information produced is perfect for project management, it is invaluable for programming and resource management. Amendments and Variations to the Bill of Quantities can be made and the project cost forecast to the end with certainty. A Bill of Quantities makes agreeing monthly progress payments straight forward and prevents any overpayment.

A main cause of clients going over budget and builders losing money is the lack of a proper Bill and Estimate. Builders often provide “one line” quotes to the client. The result is lots of financial risk and uncertainty for both the client and the builder, and the inevitable cost overrun. Every job has variations, so it is vital to know how much all the individual work items cost, otherwise how can you agree the cost variation of that change to the project?  Clients usually have a limited budget, and to find the budget being overrun can be traumatic and have serious implications for completing the project. 

     Services provided:

  • Pre-building regs cost projections, stage 1 design process.

  • Builder’s traditional Bills of Quantities Priced or Unpriced, including Analytical Estimating for Stage 4

  • Non BQ format Build Estimates, including full list of resources and current prices.

  • Subcontractors assistance with Valuations and Final accounts

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RICS Building & Structural Surveys

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“BEST SURVEY I HAVE EVER HAD FROM OVER 20 HOUSE PURCHASES IN MY LIFE. It was very refreshing to get a surveyor that not only is prepared to get his hands dirty, but also to cover the property in-depth, and backed up in my case (two bedroomed bungalow) with 42 photographs. Stephen was able to produce drawings for some alternative ideas I had, and to have a thoughtful email discussion over them until I was sure I knew what I wanted to do. He was on holiday when I requested my survey and took the time to answer my initial queries and set up a survey date while still away. It’s not often that I feel I have had value for money on a survey.”

Expert Witness & Dispute Resolution

Disputes can arise between homeowners, builders and subcontractors. This may be due to disagreements over the cost of the work, workmanship, or about the contract between the parties. I have considerable experience of settling disputes, offering preaction protocol advice. 

If you have got into a dispute, are being penalised financially by the other party, and need some help, then an RICS construction professional can help resolve the problem by finding a way forward. You can often lose sight of the real issues, and bringing in someone independent can often find a solution. I will investigate the facts of the dispute, or comment on workmanship, resolve valuation or contractual issues well before anything has to go to court. 

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Conflicts of Interest and Confidentiality

My contract with all customers is that the information you provide will never be shared with anyone else, and there will be no conflicts of interest.  I will declare to builders who else I am working for to prevent any conflicts of interest. I will not work on the same estimate for more than one builder. A copy of my freelance terms and conditions, which includes full confidentiality clauses, is available on request.

      Please send your project details to info@lumsdalequantitysurveyors.co.uk

Based in Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 and usually working in the Peak District, Bakewell, Wirksworth, Ashbourne, Chesterfield, Alfreton and Surrounding Areas.

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  • Bills of Quantities
  • Construction Estimating 
  • Construction Budgets
  • Resource Requirements
  • Interim Valuations & Final Accounts
  • Cost Value Reconciliation
  • Dispute Adjudication & Expert Witness
  • Full Structural Surveys
  • RICS level 3 Survey
  • Home Buyer Surveys
  • Building Surveying
  • Prelet Condition Survey
  • Building Consultancy


  • 45 years with Builders, Subcontractors and Main Contractors 
  • Property development
  • Private homes
  • New builds 
  • Barn conversions
  • Extensions
  • Refurbishment
  • Alterations
  • Subsided Properties
  • Structural & specialist works 
  • JCT Contracts
  • SMM6 and 7, NRM2 standard Methods of Measurement


  • Bills of Quantity Creation & Estimating Software
  • Digital Plan Take Off Software
  • Cloud based Estimating Software with Live Pricies
  • MS Project Planning 
  • Building Cost Information Service pricing libraries
  • CAD 
  • Laser Level and Plumb
  • Borescope Cavity Inspection
  • Protimeter & Hygrometer Moisture Detection
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Metal Detection
  • RICS data and libraries

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